Photo thanks to Christine Pienaar photography

Photo thanks to Christine Pienaar photography

Maïa Tarassoff holds a Master of Architecture degree from Ecole d’Architecture de Paris La Villette and a Bachelor of Interior Architecture Degree from l’Ecole Boulle.  She is registered in France as an architect. After graduation, she sought out a career in sustainable design and built energy efficient social housing dwellings and private residences. In 2013, she moved to Vancouver with her family in search of a better lifestyle with greater landscape. She obtained her Passive House Designer Certification in 2015.

Maïa started Petit Architect in 2017, with the mandate to make architecture more accessible to children and youth and inspire them to become educated citizens involved in their cities.

She teaches fun, hands-on after-school programs and intervenes in schools, for all ages ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Her curriculum is focused on sustainability, social impact and energy efficiency. In parallel, she continues to work as a passive house and interior designer.

She truly believes that better living environments can be created by inspiring and empowering the next generations to design more beautiful, more welcoming and more sustainable cities.