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I really appreciated the 3 workshops including the construction of the house with all the little details (the door, the stairs, the floor, the pool ...) and laps, the car was very artistic, inventive and fun. The use of recyclable materials and other materials was very relevant, as we were exploring the subject.
— Nancy Barbosa De Oliveira Lima Ecole Rose des Vent

Maïa came in my class of Planning 10 to present the profession of architect. She first talked about the job and the studies, then she did a workshop with the students. As a team, they had to build a 3D model using a plan. It was the first time I saw them spend 80 minutes without their phone. They were so absorbed in the task that they forgot there technology. I highly recommend her workshops.
— Caterine Bellerose, Teacher at Van Tech, Vancouver

The children at the Westside school were so fortunate to have Maia lead them on an architectural tour and through design activities. Maia is a dynamic, interesting and knowledgeable educator. The children were engaged and excited learning and exploring architecture and design with her.
— Danny Laufer The Westside Shool, Vancouver

My daughter loved learning architecture with Maia. And as a parent I loved to see what they created together. It is such a fun and creative way to learn how cites are being build.
— Parent of Kindergarten

My son loved his workshop with @Archimaia. He could create and recycle. Now we keep all boxes and pieces of wood to build more stuff. I was really impressed that he could focus easely and be so passionnate to explain concepts in building stuff on his own. I really recommand to participate or organize a workshop with @Archimaia.
— Parent of Grade 1