After School Programs

Led by a professional architect, the students will apply and connect different disciplines together: Art,  History, Geography, Citizenship, Graphic Design, Math, Geometry ...
They will discover different scales (bedroom, house, building, neighborhood, city...), materials (wood, brick, concrete, glass...), representations of space in 2D and 3D (plan, section, elevation, models...) as well as different types of habitat ( tree house, nest, traditional and contemporary house...).


Where and When?


Architecture summer camp (8-12)

Learn about famous architects and buildings, 2D and 3D space, play with materials and become aware of the environment you live in through hands-on workshops with a professional architect.

Mornings | Aug 26-Aug 30 | 9.30am - 12pm | $245/5 sess | 224528


Pro D Days, Camps, Special Events 

We can organize to come to your school for Pro D days or camps!  Architectural tours, model workshops, STEM ... There are many options! 

Contact us to develop together your next project!